Blog | 03.28.2024

Best Company Outlook 2024 by Comparably

We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that NWN Carousel has been named ‘Best Company Outlook 2024’ by Comparably. This prestigious award recognizes our consultative approach to delivering innovative solutions and services that help organization across North America enhance their digital journey.

As a company, we’re passionate about helping our clients navigate the ever-evolving modern workplace. With our integrated portfolio of full lifecycle managed technology services, we’re revolutionizing the way businesses operate to deliver exceptional employee and customer experiences.

Why This Award Matters for Our Valued Relationships

As a Top 100 Large Company awarded, this award is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation. It underscores our commitment to providing our clients with the people, processes, and platforms they need to succeed in the modern workplace. By recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the modern workplace, we’re committed to delivering solutions that empower businesses to reach new heights. 

Here’s what Comparably had to say about the award: “Our annual Best Company Outlook list recognizes companies with the brightest futures, according to anonymous employee feedback submitted to over the past year. Rankings are derived from sentiment ratings provided by current employees about how confident they feel about the future success of their company, how excited they are about going to work each day, and how likely they are to recommend working there to a friend (referred to as an eNPS or employee Net Promoter Score). All ratings were provided from February 2023 – February 2024”

NWN Carousel’s offering experts have bold predictions for 2024. Learn about key trends shaping the workplace in our latest Trends ebook, summarized here:

  1. AI-Powered Operations: AI is transforming the way businesses operate, automating tasks and providing predictive analytics. NWN Carousel is leveraging AI to help clients optimize their business processes, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences.
  2. Data Analytics for Informed Decision Making: Data is the new oil, and data analytics is the key to unlocking its potential. NWN Carousel is helping clients harness the power of data analytics to make informed decisions, optimize their operations, and drive business growth.
  3. Cloud Communications for Flexibility and Accessibility: Cloud computing is transforming the modern workplace by providing flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. NWN Carousel is helping clients migrate to the cloud, providing them with the flexibility and scalability they need to grow their businesses.
  4. Security for the Modern Workplace: With the rise of remote work and the increasing use of cloud technologies, security is more critical than ever. NWN Carousel is committed to providing clients with the highest level of security, ensuring their data and systems are protected from cyber threats.
  5. Hyper-Automation and Intelligent Infrastructure: Hyper-automation and intelligent automation are two trends that are expected to shape the modern workplace in 2024 and beyond. NWN Carousel is helping clients leverage these trends to streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

We’re honored to be recognized as the ‘Best Company Outlook 2024’. We’re committed to continuing to innovate and deliver solutions that help our clients succeed in the modern workplace. With our integrated portfolio of full lifecycle managed technology services, we’re leading the way in workplace transformation.

Is your organization ready for the modern workplace transformation? Contact NWN Carousel to learn more about our integrated portfolio of full lifecycle managed technology services.