Device Management Solutions (DaaS)

Modernize delivery, management, and support for your end-user devices. NWN Carousel secures managed devices through our subscription-based Devices-as-a-Service (DaaS) model, enabling you to securely and efficiently deploy laptops, desktops, and workstations at scale.

What is DaaS?

Device-as-a-Service, aka DaaS, is an emerging model that offers flexibility, simplifies asset lifecycle management including onboarding, security and decommissioning, and lets you focus on strategic initiatives like digital transformation and innovation. It is ultimately is about improving the customer experience.

Empower Your Hybrid Workforce with DaaS

Organizations of all sizes need the latest, high-performing devices with timely support to enable their workforces. And today’s hybrid workforce requires organizations to manage, protect and support their end-users without distractions or disruptions.

We deploy powerful data analytics and remote management tools to monitor user experience and proactively manage devices to create a more efficient environment without compromising control, compliance or security.

State Government

Our Devices-as-a-Service model offers demonstrated benefits backed by a flexible, scalable SLA designed to meet your needs.

IT Effectiveness

Security Risk

Better Predictability
and Control of IT Costs

Consistent Positive
End-User Device Support

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NWN Carousel’s Device-as-a-Service solution functions as an extension of your IT organization. It provides secure lifecycle management of laptops, desktops and tablets in a predictable OpEx business model.

Complementary Solutions to DaaS

Experience Management Platform

Our Experience Management Platform (EMP) delivers a unified view into your environment – from core to cloud – providing you with advanced analytics, reporting, service desk, and proactive alerting.


NWN Carousel takes a platform-based approach to architecture design with security tightly integrated into every aspect of the IT infrastructure. Through consolidation of operations and integrated analytics via NWN Carousel’s Experience Management Platform (EMP), organizations can improve their existing security footprint, increase efficiencies, and evolve to an improved Security Posture.

Contact Center

The provision of quality customer service is essential to the successful operation of a contact center. The quality of the exchange between an operator and a customer can be greatly enhanced by a well-constructed, implemented, and communicated plan.

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