Experience Management Platform

Integrate systems reporting with advanced analytics, from core to cloud, to ensure you receive the maximum value from every offering.

Ultimate Visibility, Reporting and Control 

It’s never been more challenging to manage technology and get work done. NWN Carousel’s EMP is a multi-technology management platform that provides visibility, analytics and administrative functions across the NWN Carousel solution-as-a-service portfolio.

“NWN Carousel’s EMP helped us improve our resolution time by 500%. It also reduced our operational costs by re-allocating resources to higher value activities and improved the patient experience.”

Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

EMP enhances the business user experience by centralizing information into a single source of truth.

Visibility into Environments and Services

Manage Solutions through Administration and Self-care

Increase Insights and Maximize Investment

Communicate Directly with our Experts via a Secure Platform

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NWN Carousel’s EMP enhances the business user experience by centralizing information into a single source of truth across integrated technologies, enabling customers to maximize technology investments and reduce complexity.


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