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TRACK at New Balance, a 350,000-square-foot indoor athletic facility, boasts some of the most modern technology in a sports venue. Designed to be the fastest running venue in the world, the TRACK at New Balance opened in the spring of 2022. Featuring a multi-sport, multi-level, state-of-the-art complex for athletes of all ages and levels, and attracting world-class athletes; NWN Carousel partnered with NBDG to provide the network infrastructure, and security, to match its advanced track and field design.

Robust Networking and Security

We serve as the core support for New Balance Athletics’ enterprise telephony, Unified Communications, network access control, and wireless systems. When NBDG needed a Cloud Communications Service Provider for a prompt and cost-effective network implementation at their new Track, they chose NWN Carousel, leveraging our well-established partnership.

Experience & Collaboration Center

NWN Carousel has transformed traditional office spaces into innovative hybrid work flex environments. Blending creativity and productivity, our beautifully designed East & West Experience & Collaobartion Centers offer the latest in cloud technology. 

Long-Term Partnership

Across a 30+ year collaboration, Eversource engaged NWN Carousel for top-tier IT services, utilizing our expertise in Intelligent Infrastructure, Security, Monitoring, and Analytics via our Experience Management Platform. This partnership aimed to streamline an intricate and expensive network, crafting a solution geared towards redundancy and cutting costs.

Our partnership with NWN Carousel during the pandemic enabled us to quickly pivot to a work-from-home model. We came up with a solution where we were imaging desktops at a remote location and drop-shipping them by the hundreds to our at-home agents.
This allowed us to continue to serve our over 4 million customers. We also gained critical visibility into our ticketing, reporting, and full IT networking environment with NWN Carousel’s Experience Management Platform.

Carmine Buffa, Sr IT Director, HomeServe

Other Industries We Serve

Public Sector

Public Sector

Meeting the urgent needs of local government is challenging. We make it simple. Our as-a-service solutions in contact center, networking, devices, collaboration, and secruity rapidly enhance essential services to residents.
Public Safety

Public Safety

Whether you’re ready for cloud transformation or wish to keep your communications on-premise, our 9-1-1 experts will streamline your workflow and operations for dispatch, field response, reporting, and records management.


Secure, connected learning environments for K-12 & Higher Ed. Modernize your network and collaboration infrastructure to better serve the communications, networking, and security needs of your campus.