Blog | 04.16.2024

NWN Carousel’s Security Practice: Trusted Advisors in the Modern Work Era

As I step into the role of leading NWN Carousel’s security offering, I am thrilled to build upon our expertise as a full lifecycle managed IT services company with security integrated across each of our offerings. With 17 years of experience within the organization, I bring a wealth of diverse knowledge, ready to navigate the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. Let’s discuss the current state of security, and NWN Carousel’s strategic roadmap for enhancing our security practice to help customers to adopt and implement a strong cybersecurity plan.

Background and Experience

My tenure at NWN Carousel spans roles from post-sales to pre-sales. Rooted in a passion for the security portfolio, I’m excited by the opportunities this dynamic field presents. As security grabs headlines, sparking conversations both positive and cautionary, I see it as a prime opportunity to engage in conversations with our customers, helping to understand their overarching security goals.

State of Cybersecurity

In the age of Artificial Intelligence and other transformative technologies, the security landscape has greatly shifted. Security emerges as a focal point, opening up profound discussions with our customers. With the rise of remote work and cloud adoption, the need for robust security measures has never been more pronounced.

Gartner’s Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2024 report says, “Generative AI, unsecure employee behavior, third-party risks, continuous threat exposure, boardroom communication gaps and identity-first approaches to security are the driving forces behind the top cybersecurity trends for 2024.”

It’s our goal to prepare security leaders for the evolution of GenAI. We have several key strategies to accomplishing this including a Secure by Design assessment and the ongoing in-depth certifications and training needed to evolve our expertise.

NWN Carousel’s Partnership with Palo Alto Networks

A testament to our unwavering commitment to securing digital work for the modern era, NWN Carousel proudly announces a premier partnership with Palo Alto Networks, a leader in cybersecurity. We recently gained the status of a Diamond Innovator. This underscores our expertise in a competitive market, but also provides our customers with the highest level of expertise to proactively monitor and remedy incidents.

Secure by Design: Anchoring Security at Every Touchpoint

Embedded within our fully integrated IT offerings is the philosophy of Secure by Design—a comprehensive security questionnaire and maturity assessment given to our customers. My team diligently administers these evaluations across all technologies, ensuring that security remains an underlying focus of each deployment. This holistic approach exceeds the efforts of most technology vendors, elevating us to the status of trusted advisors. Together with our world-class managed services delivered through our Experience Management Platform, we are seamlessly integrating secure endpoints and networks with collaboration application services.

Navigating Towards Enhanced Protections

Supported by NWN Carousel’s growing partnerships and initiatives, we are charting a course toward a secure digital workforce. Our commitment is to protect our clients’ IT ecosystems by integrating cybersecurity into their strategy to protect and help prevent threats. Building trust as you grow.

Secure your digital core with us. Learn how we act as trusted advisors to hundreds of leading organizations across all industries.

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