Your Challenge

From the campus to the data center, the manner in which we run our networks has been excruciatingly slow to evolve over time.

Questions such as “Why does the network seem slow?” or “Why is it taking so long to bring on this new application?” are commonplace. For many businesses, the network is in their way.

How We Can Help

We help our clients build networks that provide higher degrees of automation and assurance, thereby granting IT increased visibility and simplicity of the network.

The result? An agile, centrally-managed, automated network that allows IT departments to focus on business intent while the network itself focuses on translating that intent to policy.

Key Benefits

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Spend time on tasks that enable the business versus the mundane.

Gain Network Insight

Glean valuable data about your environment as it relates to application performance, user behavior, security threats, etc.

Lower Risk

As your network perimeter expands—and your attack surface grows—build the foundation for policy enforcement.

The seeds of software-defined networking (SDN) are already taking root in the data center and now the WAN. Expect the SDN seeds to start sprouting in campus fabrics for both wired and wireless environments.

Jeff Reed Senior Vice President, Enterprise Networks, Cisco
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