Your Challenge

IT consumerization and the fast increase in BYOD and IoT technology mean your network needs easy access to control.

Some threats may be impossible to detect—like a malicious insider or a zero-day attack—and the anxiety knowing these threats exist can make you weary.

How We Can Help

We can help you see who and what is accessing your network with real-time visibility of devices, users and applications.

Modern controls allow you to regulate user capabilities to enforce access and policy compliance—especially as new devices (BYOD), users and applications join and leave your network.

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Key Benefits

Endpoint Management

Manage thousands of different endpoints through a centralized system for easy access and control to who, what and how is able to access the network.

Endpoint Compliance

Routinely check devices to ensure they’re running securely—with all the necessary patches, virus scans and encryption tools—and shut down an endpoint if it appears malicious.

Zero-Day Attacks

Impossible to defend against, shut down these types of attacks quickly before more endpoints are affected.

Any device on your network that is not compliant with corporate policies is a security risk, and as such it should not be allowed to access sensitive resources. It is important to control the access the device has, without hindering the user.

Amir Gerges Senior Systems Engineer, ForeScout
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