Your Challenge

Besides simply managing asset inventory like phones, network devices, software loads and firmware releases, you may also be tasked with deciding when and which items to resell, refurbish or scrap to optimize your capital investment. This alone can leave little to no time to focus on growth initiatives for your business.

How We Can Help

The state-of-the-art Plano Distribution Center operates under our ISO9001 Certified Quality Management System.

We have extensive expertise in repairing a diverse array of telephones, circuit boards and data equipment, as well as many popular smartphones and wireless tablets.

Key Benefits

Upgrade, Enhance or Scrap Equipment

After evaluation, we’ll recommend cost-saving and efficient ways to maximize the use of your assets. And, if it’s determined that scrapping is the best option, we’ll dispose according to security and EPA guidelines.

Increased Cost Savings

Optimize what you have to extend life of products you already own, ultimately reducing capital expenditure.

In today’s uncertain climate and capital constraints, it is imperative to maintain the highest value from solutions and platforms currently deployed. A strategy around equipment lifecycle management, dramatic reduction of cost through the purchase of refurbished product with like new quality, and the ability to extend warranty support is a tremendous value. It allows you to reduce the cost of IT spend while maintaining the highest levels of quality to support business units.

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