An organization’s network infrastructure can no longer just be about speeds and feeds. Rather, it’s about identifying and supporting the users and applications that drive the business. Carousel helps organizations enhance their end-user experience and reduce operational complexity by taking advantage of next-generation networking solutions.

What We Offer

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of networking solutions from leading vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Extreme Networks, HPE, Ciena and Riverbed.

Enterprise Mobility

Increase user mobility while enjoying enhanced visibility and business insight through rich context and analytics.

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Hybrid WAN and Internet

Capitalize on Internet bandwidth economics, while increasing end-to-end security and taking advantage of application and cloud aware routing.

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Next-Generation Network

Optimize application delivery and end-user experience through intent-driven networking.

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Our networking solutions provide a blueprint for navigating and leveraging networking ecosystems, big data, self-service analytics and new data processing frameworks while managing cost, personnel and deployment timeframes.

Charlie Beckman VP of Engineering
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