Your Challenge

Though you likely recognize the importance of IT asset management, keeping track of your equipment can take away from your business goals. And worse, shoddy or no management means the potential of inventory loss.

How We Can Help

Through our patented barcoding process, we can help you track warranty and repair history, while also being able to tie multiple fields to one barcode, like serial number, software version or other unique identifiers.

What’s more, the access you gain to customized reporting will give you a detailed view of your equipment management.

Key Benefits

Improve Equipment Data

A serialized barcode captures statistics like receipt date, origination, repair history and other pertinent information to give you detailed data about each piece of equipment.

Reduce Inventory Loss

A serialized barcode on each piece of equipment allows that asset to be tracked throughout its lifecycle—protecting you from any loss of capital investments.

Parent/Child Features

Barcode capabilities allow for itemized and detailed alignment of all inventories within a multi-location and multi-platform environment.

A crucial tool in large businesses is their ability to manage inventory well. Ineffective or nonexistent inventory tracking causes longer lead times, which result in stock outages, earning customer frustration.

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