Blog | 03.20.2024

Women of Strength Award: NWN Carousel’s, Jill Nelson, recognized for her resilience & transformative power of the human spirit

NWN Carousel’s dedication to empowering women has never been more resolute! Celebrating 30 years of women’s leadership, we distinguish ourselves with a remarkable 30% female workforce and 40% advancement. Our Stronger TogetHER and Empower Leadership programs provide the skills and support needed for our female leaders to lean into their strengths.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re eager to share an extraordinary story of strength. Faced with a diagnosis that altered the trajectory of her life, NWN Carousel’s Jill Nelson, Sr Account Executive, was diagnosed with Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE), an exceptionally rare form of cancer.

Women of Strength Award

Deserving recipient of this year’s WOMEN OF STRENGTH™️ award from international jewelry designer, Freida Rothman, Jill was honored at an event held at the Carlisle Etcetera on March 7 in Dallas, Texas.

L to R: Freida Rothman and award recipient Jill Nelson.

The award is given to women who embody strength and determination. Past honorees have included Holocaust survivors, military veterans, healthcare heroes, and stewards of the land.

A portion of this year’s sales from the event will benefit Baylor Scott & White – Dallas Foundation’s Transplant Institute. Discover more Stories of Strength here.

Read on to learn about Jill’s incredible journey!

One in a Million Battle

Twenty years ago, Jill found herself thrust into a battle against EHE, a relentless adversary that demanded nothing short of her steady determination. When a tumor burst, it required an urgent liver transplant. What followed were four consecutive 17-hour surgeries and a one-year long stay in the hospital. It was a grueling testament to her resilience. The first transplant was rejected by her body, pushing Jill into a desperate struggle for survival. She faced a second transplant eight months later, making her a two-time transplant recipient at the age of 30.

Enduring the Journey

Jill’s journey was far from easy. A total of 50 surgeries marked the battle scars on her path to recovery. Yet, despite the numerous setbacks and physical toll, Jill emerged from the trial as a testament to human endurance. She drew strength from a supportive network that extended from her family, and work colleagues, to well-wishers as far as Australia. Her daily routine involved taking 75 pills to maintain the delicate balance within her body. It was a lifestyle overhaul that demanded not just physical strength but an unwavering mental fortitude.

A Turnaround and Giving Back

Having triumphed over the relentless challenges, Jill found a new purpose in life. Instead of yielding to the weight of her experiences, she chose to channel her resilience into helping others. Jill became a vocal advocate for cancer and transplant patients, sharing her story at hospitals. Her unwavering spirit and determination turned her into a beacon of hope for those facing similar battles. 

“Amid my battle with serious health problems, finding my purpose came through visiting and speaking with others in hospitals. Connecting with fellow warriors not only illuminated their strength but provided me with a profound sense of purpose in a shared journey of hope,” said Jill Nelson. 

“At NWN Carousel, we are truly excited to stand behind Jill Nelson, the deserving recipient of the esteemed Women of Strength Award. This recognition is a testament to Jill’s exceptional resilience and her remarkable talent for transforming adversity into a catalyst for positive change,” Taylor Truitt, Regional Sales Director, NWN Carousel.

Jill Nelson’s story is not just about overcoming rare medical challenges. It’s a narrative of the transformative power of the human spirit.

NWN Carousel’s dedication to fostering positive change resonates throughout every level of our organization. Check out more inspirational stories and videos here.