Blog | 07.14.2023

NWN Carousel Hybrid Work Summit: Balancing Back-to-Office Investments with Better Security & Collaboration!

IT Industry Experts, Customers, and Partners Discuss Experience-Centric Hybrid Work Strategies

We heard a lot about a shift in focus from technology benefits to people benefits at the highly anticipated 2023 Hybrid Work Summit.

Hosted by NWN Carousel in beautiful coastal Newport, RI, the event brought together industry leaders and experts centered on the importance of prioritizing experience-centric IT solutions for a successful hybrid work plan.

IT leaders now recognize that prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of employees and customers is crucial for growth.

The conference brought together a diverse range of participants, including NWN Carousel offering experts, valued customers, and partners. It featured two insightful panel discussions that delved into the challenges encountered by IT professionals in the permanent era of hybrid work.

During the panel discussions, participants highlighted the significance of equipping end-users with the right tools and resources to ensure a seamless user experience in the office or remotely. They shared various innovative approaches, including leveraging AI in the contact center, utilizing proactive cybersecurity tools, and establishing robust infrastructure to support a distributed workforce.

Watch these short videos for insights from knowledgeable IT leaders!

Offering Experts: Andrew Gilman, CMO & Moderator; Mark Damphouse, VP Consulting; Alvaro Riera, VP UC&C; Kevin Basden, VP Contact Center; Greg Konig, VP Devices; Jack Lodge, SVP Customer Success

Customer & Partner Panelists

Jeremy Witikko, Global Director Hybrid, Cisco

Bruce Ostrowski, Sr Teams Tech Specialist, Microsoft

Irving Bruckstein, CISO, Salve Regina University

Jeff Giampa, Head of Engineering HP Poly

Head of Collaboration, Fortune 200 Financial Services

Chris Leigh, VP, Chief Info Security Officer, Eversource

NWN Carousel Experts Panelists

Andrew Gilman, CMO, NWN Carousel, Moderator

Mark Damphouse, VP Strategic Consulting, NWN Carousel

Alvaro Riera, VP UC&C, NWN Carousel

Kevin Basden, VP Contact Center, NWN Carousel

Greg Konig, VP Devices, NWN Carousel

Jack Lodge, SVP Customer Success, NWN Carousel

Returning to the Office Must be a Choice, Not a Challenge!

2023 Hybrid Work Summit Customer and Partner Panel

Adding AI to your Toolkit, Proactive Security, and Enhanced Collaboration!

2023 Hybrid Work Summit Offering Expert Panel

NWN Carousel’s commitment to delivering experience-centric cloud solutions is evident through its educational initiatives and expert panel discussions. By addressing user experience, connectivity and security challenges, and collaboration considerations, NWN Carousel empowers organizations to create an engaging hybrid work environment.

NWN Carousel remains at the forefront, guiding organizations on their hybrid work journey!