Blog | 10.05.2022

Can Technology Make Schools Safer Webinar Recap – Sept 2022

Our popular September eXcellerate webinar with special guest Mark “Fletch” Fletcher from 911inform is now available to stream!

“What IT solutions should school leaders consider for securing the wellbeing of students and teachers?” Learn the options available such as a silent call button to comply with Alyssa’s Law, along with an alerting system for mass notification to enable officials to proactively respond to threats. To have an operational safety plan, schools cannot rely on a single technology product. They need an integrated solution that can support an emergency from start to finish.

Build a reliable technology roadmap with device security, wireless infrastructure, and monitoring to meet public safety requirements for now… and into the future. 

Play on-demand this important discussion on what preparing for school safety means to your community. 

Watch Highlight Reel:

Listen to Learn:

  • A recap of Alyssa’s Law, and what is required of educational institutions    
  • Funding options available for upgrading school technology  
  • Lessons learned from Ray Baum’s Act & Kari’s Law
  • Building the backbone with device security & wireless infrastructure 

Alyssa’s Law — named after Alyssa Alhadeff, a victim of the 2018 Parkland, FL tragedy — requires public schools to install a silent panic alarm approved by The Department of Education.

View the Webinar Recording