Economic challenges often create major obstacles for IT leaders striving to keep technologies current, relevant and running optimally. Our financial services allow you to align the right funding solution with your budget, cash flow and technology consumption needs, and validate your decisions with documented cost justification and return on your investment.

What We Offer

With three primary approaches to funding your technology solutions, we can help you manage the economic decisions associated with purchasing, leasing or consuming technology in an on-premises, cloud or hybrid fashion.

Traditional Leasing and Financing

Leverage leasing with an approach right for you: Fair Market Value (FMV) leasing that allows you to pay for the use of the technology, not its ownership, and Full Pay-Out (FPO) leasing if you want to own the technology at the end of your term.

Financial Enablement of Cloud Hosted

Secure flexible financing of your cloud-outsourcing, hardware rental, Software-as-a-Service, Collaboration-as-a-Service and managed and hosted services.


Eliminate the complexities with small project or training budget approvals throughout the year by depositing funds in advance into your own Carousel timebank™ and pull from it immediately as needs arise.

Flexible financing options allow our clients to make a more-informed solution recommendation that includes key stakeholders in business, finance and technology. It’s important to explore why and how to consume along with what to consume.

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