Your Challenge

The biggest frustration businesses face is not knowing where each of their telecom dollars is spent. When was the last time you performed an audit of your carrier services? Has your current carrier been proactive in identifying cost optimization opportunities?

How We Can Help

Our risk-free telecom audit and consultation on expense management solutions help identify waste, increase efficiency and reduce costs, producing average annual savings of 10-30 percent that can be reallocated to other important projects—without changing carriers.

Our team helps identify savings for our clients with an audit of your existing services.

Key Benefits

Optimize Services

Identify unused and obsolete services and, in so doing, invest in the services that generate the most savings for your organization.

Enhance Visibility

Through our audit, you gain a complete inventory review of all telecom infrastructure components and enjoy a comprehensive analysis with recommendations to reduce cost with your current carriers.

Improve Billing Processes

You will have clear, concise, consolidated billing, the most aggressive pricing plans available for your company, and greater visibility into where every penny of your telecom budget goes.

Manage Costs

Upon completion of the audit, we then recommend a telecom expense management tool that proactively monitors errors and anomalies in spend to serve as the framework to better manage costs for the future.

By enlisting Carousel’s Carrier Audit Team we were able to save thousands on our monthly telecom expenses. We used to rely solely on our carrier to explain new offerings and changes. Now we have Carousel’s expertise to analyze and consolidate costs. Recovered funds will be put to good use on other much needed projects.

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