In South Carolina and throughout the country, the pandemic forced public agencies to rethink their approach to hybrid work. As the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider (CCSP), NWN Carousel enables state and local governments to fully realize the benefits of work from anywhere.

Our newly awarded South Carolina statewide contract for VOIP, Contact Center and IVR services (#4400030155) will deliver modern integrated and secure communication services to the residents of South Carolina. Under the terms of VOIP, Contact Center & IVR contract, NWN Carousel will:

  • Connect remote workers with unified communications for maximum productivity
  • Transform hybrid workforce with IT support, networks and devices
  • Enable omnichannel support with AI-powered, integrated cloud contact center solutions
  • Simplify operations and gain deeper insights with analytics

Adoption and change management is a critical component of any successful cloud communications migration. Our people-centric approach reduces implementation risk to ensure positive business outcomes. More importantly, we help transform how employees think about collaboration and accelerate the value it provides to their day-to-day job functions.