Xima Software’s Chronicall is an in-depth call reporting solution for Avaya Communication Manager, Avaya IP Office and Cisco.

Xima CCaaS for Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) and RingCentral is a new Cloud Contact Center solution.

Chronicall offers customers the ability to drill down into their reports using our Cradle to Grave reporting program. This allows customers to verify their data and improve their business. Xima Software also allows customers to add on Recording so they increase their business performance by understanding exactly what their employees are doing on the phone. Xima Chronicall is HIPPA and PCI compliant. For customers needing information in Realtime, Chronicall allows you to build custom wallboards displaying the exact information that pertains to your business. You can be alerted in Realtime whenever this is a problem. Each business is unique, which is why Chronicall was built around the customer’s voice. The software is easy to use, and is constantly updated with feature requests from the customers that use it. With Chronicall customers can easily find the information they are looking for so they can continually better their business.

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Key Offerings
  • Call Accounting and Reporting
    64 Standard Reports reporting on a little bit of everything in your system. Cradle to Grave Reporting allows you to drill down into the call and see everything that happened in a chronological order.
  • Call Recording
    Pick and choose which calls you want to record so you can improve employee performance and customer satisfaction. Use evaluations and scorecards to insure your employees are doing exactly what you want them to do.
  • Contact Center
    Know what’s going on within your contact center or sales environment in Realtime using customized wallboard displays. Be alerted whenever there is a problem. Allow your agents to tag pertinent information so you get more details about the call.
  • Xima CCaaS for Avaya Cloud Office and RingCentral
    Xima CCaaS provides skills-based routing, queue callback, web chat to small and medium-sized business on ACO and RingCentral. With its custom skill group settings, custom queue settings, and customized reports, and realtime wallboards you can easily provide the customer experience you want to deliver and manage your contact center with ease and confidence.


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