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This month’s focus is on Thinking Beyond the Network.

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In the last few months we’ve prompted many discussions about the impact of tech on small and medium businesses — like how lessons learned from Pokemon Go can help revitalize your marketing and why the mobile revolution is leaving many small business owners flat-footed. Get technology right and you can improve your products and customer experience, enhance your brand and extend your marketing reach.

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Contributor: Verizon

Keep Guests Engaged with Context-Aware Mobile Marketing

Bring your venues to life with location-aware mobile apps that provide indoor turn-by-turn navigation, contextual marketing, and a personalized guest experience.  Want to go beyond blazing-fast Wi-Fi?  Imagine using your network to find out who is visiting and how likely they are to return?  More importantly, using it to generate more revenue and boost customer satisfaction?

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Contributor: Aruba

Future-proof Your Voice Network

In order to get ‘beyond the network’, you need to ensure that the right underlying capabilities are in place.  Leveraging the AudioCodes Universal Communication Architecture (UCA), you can move beyond and leverage ‘software defined network’ principles in your voice network.  Check out how UCA gives you the power to modernize your voice networks efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Contributor: AudioCodes

Thinking Beyond The Network

Valcom offers traditional analog paging solutions in addition to IP notification solutions.


Contributor: Valcom

Connect Beyond the Network with RingCentral Webinar

RingCentral is constantly thinking beyond the network in order to meet its customers’ business communications and collaboration needs. The newest addition to the RingCentral portfolio, RingCentral Webinar, offers the same seamless, secure, and unified experience for everyone.

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Contributor: RingCentral

Thinking Beyond the Network: Conferencing Networks Impact Collaboration

We are often looking ahead to the next big technological breakthrough (which will be awesome!) rather than looking at the amazing impact that has been made beyond the network and technology alone.  Beyond infrastructure and features, what impact has conferencing technology made to general collaboration as well as in specific areas of business?

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Contributor: Sonexis

6 Steps to Evolving Security for Omnichannel

Omnichannel strategies are still in their infancy and will continue to grow. This means that security departments within these large retailers can continue to evolve their security strategies with the Omnichannel to meet the growing needs of the organization and enable growth for the business.

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Contributor: SecureState

Think beyond the network — think about food!! That is what the NY Mets did for their fans. With Avaya, they have all the bases covered, now and in the future.

Experience is everything in the world of sports. Whether their team wins or loses, one thing is sure: fans at Citi Field should never leave hungry. At the home field for Major League Baseball’s New York Mets, the choices go way beyond hot dogs, from steak to gourmet tacos to sushi, and more.

Want to see how Avaya Solutions go beyond the network to help deliver this kind of customer service?

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Contributor: Avaya

Intelligent Session Control for Enterprises

Today’s enterprises strive to maintain and improve customer service while enabling more efficient employee collaboration. They can achieve this by optimizing the use of network resources and simplifying network operations with intelligent session and routing control solutions.

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Contributor: Sonus

Private Cloud and Centralized Voice Infrastructure

Digital convergence, with a focus on communication, security and improved productivity, is a prime driver for enterprise technology investment strategies. Private cloud remains an ideal solution for enterprise and large organizations, and its adoption rate continues to grow.

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Contributor: AVST

How Do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Connect Fans, Coaches and Players?

Since joining the NFL in 1976, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have grown their fan base to include a global audience of connected viewers and employees. But with digital transformation revolutionizing the way spectator sports are disseminated and consumed, the organization’s IT Management team needed a single-provider solution for reliable network services.

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Contributor: Level 3

More Ways to Fullstack — Beyond Traditional Cloud Networking

Networking doesn’t have to be a distinct subset of IT. In fact, the overlap between networking and other forms of IT is enough where it makes sense to manage all of your IT needs from one place. Why have an NVR for your cameras and a PBX for your phones and all your other networking clogging up a closet? Shed the traditionalist shackles and migrate to the Dashboard!

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Contributor: Cisco Meraki

What attacks aren’t you seeing?

We work everywhere: at home, in the office, airports, coffee shops yet traditional security solutions still focus on protecting employees only while on the corporate network. This eBook will educate IT pros about the risks of only relying on legacy defenses like firewalls, web gateways and sandboxes for network security. 

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Contributor: Cisco

Connect Beyond the Network

IT departments everywhere find themselves squeezed between implementing major IT initiatives and driving true bottom-line results.

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Contributor: Extreme

5 Ways to Secure Your SIP Beyond the Network

While there are a number of security precautions to take, smart VoIP providers know to treat their customer’s phones like Internet-connected machines. Ensuring that your VoIP provider can offer these basic safeguards that go beyond just the network can be the difference between expensive fraud charges and none at all.

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Contributor: Intelepeer

Extend visibility and control from your campus to your cloud environments

With the widespread adoption of cloud computing, enterprise security teams must see and control cloud-based workloads. At ForeScout Technologies, their approach to cloud security is a logical extension of securing managed, unmanaged and IoT devices in the physical world. Learn how ForeScout can offer a single-pane-of-glass perspective across campus and cloud environments.

Forescout Secure Cloud Computing Solution Brief

Contributor: Forescout

Transforming Your Network to a Security Fabric

If the recent WannaCry ransomware attack has taught us anything, it’s that a basic platform isn’t enough to protect your network. The Fortinet Security Fabric integrates Fortinet security solutions with pre-validated Fabric Ready Partners into an integrated, cohesive framework that protects against ransomware from all threat vectors, including the #1 vector, phishing email.

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Contributor: Fortinet

Five Crucial Functions for Every Enterprise Video Solution

There is more to your enterprise video solution than just boxes, wires, and monitors. In order to get people to actually use the solution, it needs to be easy to manage and maintain, and content must be simple to consume.

Interested in discovering the five crucial functions every solution should have?

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Contributor: Haivision