Special guest, Hank Hunt, founder of The Kari Hunt Foundation and the Inspiration Behind Kari’s Law will Join NWN Carousel’s School Safety Webinar

Thursday, Sept 28, 2023 2:30pm EDT

Boston, MA – September 26, 2023 –  NWN Carousel, the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider, will host a school safety webinar focused on building an integrated technology plan for quick response to emergency situations on campus. Registration for the webinar is available here. NWN Carousel will contribute $25 to the Kari Hunt Foundation per attendee plus an additional $25 when a follow-up conversation is booked with a NWN Carousel public safety expert.

Special guest, Hank Hunt, founder of The Kari Hunt Foundation and the inspiration behind Kari’s Law will discuss the importance of advocating for legislation to keep organizations safe.  Hank has taken on the role of advocate, dedicated to ensuring that students and faculty reach emergency services when accessing the 911 system. The need to dial “9” for an outbound line when calling 911 significantly compounded the tragedy of losing the life of his daughter, Kari.

Hank Hunt will be joined by Mark Fletcher, a renowned advocate of public safety from NWN Carousel partner 911inform, and Alvaro Riera, VP of Unified Communications, NWN Carousel and moderated by Andrew Gilman, CMO, NWN Carousel.

NWN Carousel and 911inform have partnered to offer a Public Safety Education Bundle that will deliver integrated safety and emergency management solutions for a seamless and compliant technology and support package to meet the latest regulatory requirements.

“Improved communication and real-time information exchange is critically important to a successful school safety plan. NWN Carousel’s Public Safety Education Bundle can help organizations improve situational awareness in emergencies by providing accurate information and immediate communications to emergency services,” said Mark J. Fletcher, ENP, Vice President of Public Safety Solutions, 911inform, LLC.

Fletcher added, “As leading experts in public safety technology implementation and support, NWN Carousel together with 911inform’s visionary NG911 safety solutions, will provide a pathway to compliance with the latest public policy mandates for school safety.”

Key Discussion Areas:

  • Mandatory Compliance of Kari’s Law, Alyssa’s Law & RAY BAUM’s
  • Building an end-to-end technology emergency response plan 
  • Old vs. New Technology, Saving Costs
  • Communication Planning with First Responders

About NWN Carousel

NWN Carousel is the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider (CCSP) focused on transforming the customer and employee hybrid work experience for commercial, enterprise and public sector organizations. With over 5,000 customers throughout the U.S, NWN Carousel provides integrated unified communications, security, contact center, managed devices, visual collaboration, and advanced technology solutions—all powered by the Experience Management Platform (EMP).

About The Kari Hunt Foundation

The Kari Hunt Foundation works to expand and support women and children of domestic abuse and advocates for parents of murdered children, as well as a 911 advocate for public safety.

About 911inform

911inform is the only all-encompassing platform to help emergency response teams better manage communication and connected-building controls directly related to an emergency. 911inform provides full situational awareness and communication across multiple platforms. Enhance your safety solutions for today’s ever-changing technology for NG911.