As seen on Providence Business First

By Mary Serreze  –  Reporter, Providence Business First

The Newport-based Salve Regina University has partnered with a Boston tech firm to provide students, administrators, and faculty with secure access to cutting-edge technologies in a flexible work-and-learn-from-anywhere environment.

NWN Carousel is a U.S. company with a presence in Exeter, RI and Boston. It’s a leading cloud communications service provider, and offers integrated solutions for today’s hybrid work environment.

At Salve Regina, users will experience secure, easy access from anywhere to software-as-a-service, cloud tools, and on-campus systems, data and communications.

The company’s new network infrastructure will support enhanced cybersecurity across the enterprise. Among its features: an “artificial intelligence intrusion detection and prevention” system.

Behind the scenes, the new system will provide a unified view of all cloud systems and devices, integration of digital tools, enhanced analytics, and next-generation firewalls and switches, Salve Regina and NWN Carousel said in a release.

The partnership is not new. During the pandemic, Salve Regina students had “exceptional online synchronous engagement learning experience right from their residence halls,” said Irving Bruckstein, the university’s chief information security officer.

“We are proud to partner with Salve Regina, an institution that consistently prioritizes the well-being of its students, faculty, staff, and the broader community,” said Jim Sullivan, the NWN Carousel CEO.

NWN Carousel is deploying its proprietary Experience Management Platform at the university.

NWN Carousel’s 50,000-square-foot facility in Exeter hosts a warehouse, network operations center, finance offices and a small data center. Across the U.S., the company has around 1,100 employees, with 563 in New England and “couple hundred” in Rhode Island, chief marketing officer Andrew Gilman previously told Business First.

The company provides integrated unified communications, security, contact center, managed devices, connectivity, and advanced technology solutions.