Join us LIVE for an in-person unique opportunity to explore the many public sector hybrid work technologies available at the NWN Carousel Hybrid Work Customer Experience Center!

Learn how NWN Carousel together with HP Poly, Microsoft and Intel are connecting people, data, and technology across our breadth of offerings to include Devices, Visual Collaboration, Unified Communications & Collaboration and more.

Delve into product demos and high-level technical conversation

Device Lifecyle Demo

Workflow imaging, asset tagging & deployment

Preparation for recycling or redistribution

Security, power management, patching & remote configuration

Microsoft Teams Room/Calling Interactive Demo

Microsoft Teams Rooms + HP Poly device installation for end user & admin capabilities

QR code for self-help or escalation to tier 2 support

Analytics & insights on Visual Collaboration Platforms

Experience Management Platform Demo

Monitor & management of desktop/laptop

Reporting capabilities

A unified view of all systems and devices

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to create a future-ready hybrid workflow that will support remote and in-person environments, enhance collaboration, and protect your data.

Take the first step towards a more productive and efficient work environment!