We need not look far to find a current news story detailing how ransomware brought financial ruin to an organization, how the rapid proliferation of IoT devices increase the likelihood of compromise, or about how a data breach involving millions of customer records by an actor who had hid in an environment for months.

In an “Assumption of Breach” world, we accept that it’s statistically impossible to keep all the bad guys out. That inevitably at some point, we will receive that phone call or email that says it’s happened to our organization. Despite this reality, we have the strategies and tools necessary to limit the overall impact these events can have on our organizations.

Join us to learn to learn more about how;

  • Our legacy deployment of VLANs for segmentation leaves us dangerously exposed to threats
  • Zero Trust can reduce overall risk on the campus and hybrid-cloud — enforcing a containment-by-design approach to posture
  • We can help answer the question of who, what, where, and when of all devices on the network

Leverage new and existing solutions to finally be proactive about our cyber defense