Preparing for the New Physical Office of the Future

Organizations don’t have all of the answers to how to adjust to the new wave of hybrid work. Yet one aspect stands out as an important: Physical office spaces should be reimagined! In this White Paper, learn how to reconfigure your hardware, and technology, to design more productive workspaces for your employees.



How to Make Hybrid Work Sustainable, Starting in 2022

While business leaders and IT teams have proven they could accelerate workplace transformation, the challenge in 2022 is proving they can sustain it. In this White Paper, learn about the long-term planning necessary to take in order to keep your employees, and customers, thriving in a new hybrid work environment!


6 Ways to Mitigate Risk in a Hybrid Work Environment

By focusing on key areas such communications, collaboration, cloud computing, security and experience management, organizations have an opportunity to mitigate the inherent risks of hybrid work. In this White Paper, learn the key ways to bult a safe and cost effective foundation for hybrid work.


Learn the Holistic Mix of on-the-Ground and Enterprise-Class Cloud Solutions NWN Carousel Offers

NWN Carousel’s customer survey revealed that 41% of organizations accelerated their cloud-first initiatives during the pandemic. ESG-Global’s 2021 Technology Spending Intentions survey showed that cloud adoption will only continue to grow. In this White Paper, learn more about the benefits of using a Cloud Communications Service Provider.


ARPA Funds are Designed to Help Companies Catch Up to New Business Realities

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was introduced to help organizations to meet the drastically changing IT infrastructure changes. Read this white paper to understand how to navigate the opportunities ARPA presents to help you secure funding to support your IT projects.

Cloud-based networking.


Fixed vs Chassis-Based Switching

This paper reviews the benefits and applicability of Fixed versus Chassis-based Switching within the access layer of the enterprise campus network. For years, a debate has raged on the pros and cons of fixed stackable switches versus chassis-based switches within the enterprise wiring closet. With the advent of new fabric technologies and distributed edge topologies, […]


Networking Solutions

Data Center

Business Continuity 101

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that enterprise networks need to be ready for anything. This new normal requires a strong network foundation that incorporates scalability, agility, security and reliability. However, many enterprises struggle to build and test robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans because they lack a strong […]



Don’t risk it all.

In this white paper, explore steps to take in choosing the right security tools for your organization, as well as considerations to take when selecting the right partner to implement them.



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