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Category 20

MPLS Data Network

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Virtual Private Networking (VPN).

NWN’s MPLS service is a network based solution enabled by Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology. This is a Port Only service.

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Category 21

Standalone VoIP Services

NWN Standalone VoIP Service includes our network based communication solutions with a variety of handset and soft client options, with managed LAN infrastructure included.  Station cabling is an optional component that can be bundled. The WAN transport from customer location to NWN’s hosted facilities is included with this service.

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Category 22

Cloud-Hosted VoIP Services

NWN’s Cloud-Hosted VoIP service package integrates all modes of communication into a unified end user experience.  With NWN Unified Communications, organizations can transform workflows by adopting the latest collaboration technology that best aligns to the organization’s needs.

NWN’s package includes the following components

  • Site survey analysis to facilitate a successful Cloud services implementation. Analysis to include identifying requirements for bandwidth, routing, security, site wiring, and QoS configurations.
  • Implementation schedule
  • Testing and acceptance documentation
  • Emergency E911 Services compliant Kari’s law and Ray Baum’s act.

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Category 23

Metropolitan Area Network Ethernet

NWN’s Ethernet VPL service uses fiber and copper access to provide networking between locations in three configuration options:

  • point to point
  • point to multipoint
  • multipoint to multipoint

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Category 27

Standard Contact Center Services

NWN provides a network call queue to manage the intelligent routing and distribution of contacts from all multimedia channels such as voice, email, and the customer website.

NWN’s contact center service general features include

  • Web Callback
  • Web and SMS chat
  • Digital Recording
  • Collaborative Browsing
  • Email Response
  • Workforce Management
  • Outbound Dialing
  • Voice Callback
  • Quality Management
  • Screen Capture
  • Blended Agent

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Category 28

Custom Contact Center Services

NWN provided consulting services specific to Contact Center projects.

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Category 29

Converged VoIP Services

The standard seat pricing includes all equipment, hardware, software, and on-going administration, maintenance and upgrades.  In addition, the standard seat pricing includes planning, applicable design, engineering, testing, installation, and customer end-user training services.

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Category 30

Broadband with Internet Service

NWN’s Broadband with Internet Service is a User-to-Internet Service providing connectivity.

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Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Category 20

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Network

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Category 21

Standalone VoIP Services

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Cloud-Hosted VoIP Services

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Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) Ethernet

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Category 27

Standard Contact Center Services

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Converged VoIP Services

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Broadband with Internet Service

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Billing and Invoicing Application


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DNCS Contract Management Organization (CMO)

Contracts and Amendments

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User Instructions

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Customer Escalation Process

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Trouble Ticket Reporting Tool


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DNCS Contract Management Organization (CMO)

Open, Scalable, and Easy to Procure and Deploy

The State of California Department of Technology Services has awarded NWN Corporation a CALNET NexGen DNCS contract for Category 20 – MPLS Data Network,  and Category 23 – Metropolitan Area Network Ethernet. The DNCS Contract provides a Converged VoIP that delivers a broad range of Unified Communications solutions via a hosted and flexible pay-by-the-device service model to public entities throughout the State.

Converged VoIP delivers a broad range of communications solutions via a hosted and flexible pay-by-the-device service model. This offering gives your organization the same user experience, flexibility, and collaborative tools as an enterprise architecture without having to make a significant investment in your own data center or staff.


The NWN hosted delivery model creates an opportunity for public sector organizations to deploy unified communications and collaboration together across NWN’s environment. The benefits of deploying Converged VoIP include:

  • Pay as you use: Purchase collaboration services as needed and pay one predictable monthly payment
  • Increased service and support levels: NWN proactively manages and monitors the solution 24×7, allowing your organization’s IT staff to focus on projects that are core to its business
  • Scalable architecture: Add new users, features and locations quickly
  • Operational expense: Hosted collaboration converts capital expenses into a predictable operational expense
  • ERate P1 service: The NWN hosted service qualifies for P1 funded ERate funding.
  • Productivity advantage: Provide seamless collaboration tools for your employees to work as an efficient team

Questions? Contact your dedicated NWN DNCS team: Toll Free 855-548-2200.