Your Challenge

Tightened security budgets, the IT talent shortage, new cyber threats and employee errors all create opportunities for sensitive data to be breached.

But with limited resources and aggressive risk management and security goals, it can be hard to maintain strong levels of security.

How We Can Help

As an extension of your team, we can help you maintain a strong security posture to thwart the latest threats—like phishing and ransomware—through robust, routine integrity tests of systems, business continuity planning and other consultative services.

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Key Benefits

Team Augmentation

Our security experts are available to join your team—how and when you need them.

Incident Response & Business Continuity Planning

Institute a plan to maintain business as usual while you work to remediate any type of breach situation.

Security Assessments

Mitigate risk and maintain compliance through regular, proactive health checks and security assessments, like penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

Some of the easiest ways to maintain a strong security posture include basic, everyday-hygiene maintenance and activities. You can keep your security strong with routine assessments, user awareness training and enlisting experts to help with both—or to complement your team.

Josh King Director of Security Solutions, NWN Carousel
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