The Future of Cloud Communications

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

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The Future of Cloud Communications

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay


Future of Work: Hybrid, Remote and In-Office

With a planned hybrid strategy – and the right tools – organizations can lower office costs and globally expand talent pool

Cloud: Backbone of Remote Productivity

Employee efficiency, and satisfaction, increases with a holistic cloud experience


Deep Dive into the Data

70% of execs agree flexibility works; With an integrated suite of secure collaboration tools and insight across all devices, a hybrid model exceeds expectations


Transforming Organizations for the Modern

Work-From-Everywhere World

NWN Carousel, the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider, helping organizations achieve digital transformation.


“Given that 87% of respondents invested in long-term, holistic solutions, these results are especially impressive; NWN Carousel services are delivered with a long-term horizon in mind.”

The Future of Work Report, NWN Carousel


“68% of respondents in our NWN Carousel survey reported they have no planned changes to their existing office space despite the changes in working environments. This showcases that despite the ambition and focus of organizations, new opportunities still abound to meet the changing needs of workers.”

The Future of Work Report, NWN Carousel

We’ve been helping companies leverage NWN Carousel technologies for more than two decades.


Why NWN Carousel

NWN Carousel is the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider (CCSP) focused on transforming the customer and workspace experience for commercial, enterprise and public sector organizations. We deliver hybrid work experiences for millions of users across North America’s 7,000 leading organizations. Our integrated devices, communications apps, AI-enabled contact centers, networking, security, and analytics allows our customers to learn, discover, work, and connect from anywhere – all delivered as a cloud service that’s simple to use and manage. 

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