For nearly three decades, TASKE’s easy to use software solutions have enabled both small and large call centers to optimize customer interactions, drive operational efficiency and curb customer frustration.

A contact center is an important part of the business. In many cases, customers’ impressions of a business are formed solely based on their interaction with its agents. As a total solution provider, TASKE is committed to providing contact center and other business managers with the information they need to make managing easier.

TASKE solutions provide an economical way to monitor real-time ACD activity and provide historical reports for the contact center. Organizations use TASKE to report on all inbound, outbound, and internal call activity, monitor and improve call center agents’ performance levels, respond immediately to changing call volume and agent availability and control operating costs. TASKE solutions are currently available for the Avaya Aura Communication Manager, Cisco Unified Communications Contact Center Express, Toshiba Strata and IPedge series telephone systems.


Key Offerings
  • Real-time monitoring
    See what’s happening right now, updated second-by- second. Review key performance statistics reflecting what has happened so far today in real-time. Track performance of your service level targets, see who is on the phone, for how long and who they are talking with. Read More
  • Visualizer
    A powerful search tool with a visual cradle-to- grave representation to dissect and track every call in the telephone system. Investigate calls to respond and improve call center performance as well as your customer experience. Read More
  • Call Recording
    Capture conversations that customer-facing teams conduct with callers. These recorded conversations are an invaluable resource for call center quality monitoring, employee training, and business development. Read More
  • Historical Reporting
    Over 150 report templates focused on call activity and forecasts using historical data. Access “what happened when” information, instantly view, print and send vital activity and performance data to key stakeholders. Read More
  • Desktop
    Desktop level real-time status information for agents and supervisors. Everyone in the business can monitor conditions in the call center as well as compare key performance metrics between resources. Read More
  • DisplayCentral
    Easily share current information with the entire organization on a big screen. DisplayCentral integrates the real-time call center statistics that you want your team to focus on, with dynamic data from a wide range of business applications. Read More