CI enhances the customer’s calling experience though innovative and intuitive cloud and premise based solutions designed specifically to enhance the customer self–service experience and streamline the management, creation and administration of the voice portal platform and applications.

CI has developed a portfolio of self-service solutions deployable in the Cloud (Multi-Tenant, Private, Public, High Availability and Consumption), Premise or Hybrid. Those self-service applications (IVR, CTI, Messaging, and Vertical Applications) have allowed CI to create solutions with real world relevance. This is in part because of CI’s intimate understanding of customer needs and call flow coupled with a partner community that is committed to providing their customers with a best in breed product.

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Key Offerings
  • Appointment Reminder
    An industry wide standard, this application lets you know when your patients or clients have a scheduled appointment and sends them a reminder insuring that the appointed time will not go unused.
  • Community Notification
    The perfect application for school closings, marketing, upcoming events, campaign messages or any other type of announcement you want to broadcast to a specific audience.
  • Outbound Dialers
    Like eDialer (that provides a great alternative to more expensive predictive dialers used by contact centers and automates out calling when the agent is ready to engage their next customer) and Click-2-Dial (that brings control of the call to the agent, and eliminates those awkward pauses, increasing the likelihood of reaching your intended audience).
  • Agent Survey
    Provides follow up surveys post customer/contact center interaction.
  • Call Back Messaging (CBM)
    Allows customers to remove themselves from the “on hold queue” and request a call back from the center, freeing them up to go about their day.