At the Always On Technology Symposium, presented by NWN Carousel, attendees were lucky enough to witness an opening keynote from Jean Turgeon of Avaya that focused on an underestimated aspect of technology transformation – the unique use cases of technology.

It sounds like that would be the first thing that technology providers would focus on, but it rarely is. As technology managers we are constantly bombarded with information about new technology – AI, Security, Cloud, Analytics, and more. We’re told about the power, the capabilities, the potential of these technologies. Rarely are we told, however, how that technology will specifically impact our organization.

It takes research on the part of the technology manager to learn how technology can be implemented into a specific organization. As it should be – the job of a technology decision maker is to make informed decisions about tech, which implies getting information about that technology. But, from the manufacturer’s and installer’s perspective, why should it be so difficult to find specific use cases?

Turgeon posits that it shouldn’t – manufacturers and installers need to take on horizontal views of technology in order to provide specifics for different verticals. That’s how you provide good customer experience, which is what we need as technology managers. Taking that a step further, technology managers need to provide those unique business cases internally in order to make a case for installing technology.

Take for example a healthcare environment. A patient, Joe, is taking pills to lower his blood pressure. As he’s wearing biometric devices to measure his blood pressure, he notices that even though he is taking the pills, his blood pressure isn’t dropping. He wants to learn why, so he calls into his healthcare organization to find out.

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