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By Steven Burke – Executive Editor, CRN News

Making Hybrid Work A Reality

NWN Carousel Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Gilman says the fast-growing superstar, No. 34 on CRN’s 2022 Fast Growth list, is helping customers provide a “consistent” and high-quality hybrid work model.

“During the pandemic we saw organizations in triage mode of sustaining business with work at home,” said Gilman. “Now hybrid work is real and customers are looking at how do they make hybrid work actually work. It is no longer about swiping a credit card and getting by. It is about the employee experience being consistent whether you are working at home or coming to the office. It has to be consistent, frictionless and something that actually works and is sustainable.”

The hybrid work model is helping drive big sales growth, with NWN Carousel posting a two-year growth rate of 117 percent on CRN’s Fast Growth list.

Key to NWN Carousel’s hybrid work success has been its Experience Management Platform 3.0 that provides a single unified view across home and work with a secure and consistent view that encompasses Avaya, Microsoft Teams and Cisco offerings.

NWN Carousel customers embracing the hybrid work model with the Experience Management Platform are “transforming” the office experience and giving employees a reason to come back to the office to collaborate on projects, said Gilman.

“We are three years into this and we can’t be isolated anymore,” he said. “We have to have that [hybrid work] flexibility. This is all about creating hybrid work that is less filling and tastes great. This is not a forced march to the office….You want to create an environment that supports team building and camaraderie and gets that magic back of why we all love to work together.”

Gilman credited NWN Carousel CEO Jim Sullivan for driving the company’s shift to the hybrid work model. “When Jim Sullivan relaunched the company [in 2019], we went from a huge portfolio of hundreds of offerings down to five core capabilities [unified communications, contact center, network, security and devices],” said Gilman. “That got us into a great position because it was the right timing with the pandemic to help our clients through their time of need.”


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