The legal services industry has to contend with ever-present technology challenges—from new found security vulnerabilities to siloed technologies that need to work together seamlessly. This is compounded by the fact that Legal Process Outsourcing is forcing U.S. legal firms to cut costs wherever possible in order to remain affordable. We understand the pressures you face to reduce costs while expanding services—always with the goal of delivering quality to your own customer base.

What We Offer

Carousel’s legal solutions are designed to address the challenges of global competition and position our legal customers as a quality, affordable and preferable alternative to overseas competition.

Reduce CAPEX/OPEX Costs

Shave capital and operating costs by leveraging cloud-based, virtualized technologies and our professional and managed services offerings.

Streamline Workflows

We will design a collaborative collection of solutions that will streamline legal workflows and cut costs across your organization.

Safeguard Data

Protect sensitive client information through scalable and comprehensive penetration testing, next-generation firewall technology, secure virtualization enhancements and centrally managed security and fine-grained access control.

Clients want to pay less, they want more predictability in legal spend, and ‘alternatives’ to the billable hour. Clients want value, and clearly, alternative fee arrangements have been gaining traction in supporting the value proposition… All of these shifts in the profession have prompted firms to take a hard look at how they provide legal services.

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