Explore the ways in which we are fostering an environment of equality within our workplace.

Our goal is to fulfill the potential of our employees, and customers, through technology while nurturing personal connections. To spearhead innovation and teamwork, it’s essential to lead in attracting, growing, and motivating top-tier talent. Talent stands as a crucial competitive advantage for us. Within our talent strategy, we actively seek out and cultivate individuals from diverse backgrounds, offering varied perspectives and unique life experiences. NWN Carousel aims to support the success of our entire workforce by providing internal leadership development programs, tailored learning opportunities, adaptable work schedules, mentorship programs, mental health support services, and collaborations within the community.

Bridging the Opportunity Gap for Disabled Workers

NWN Carousel hosted its 2nd Annual Future of Work Summit, featuring a powerful panel discussion involving prominent employers and advocates within the disabled community. The aim was to raise awareness and safeguard the rights of disabled employees in both Massachusetts and the broader US, ensuring their ability to work from home in an environment that is fair and sustainable. This initiative also sought to encourage companies to implement and uphold policies that sustain these protections for the future.

EMPOWERing Employees through Leadership Development

NWN Carousel’s continued aspirations to promote an Inclusive and Diverse workforce are reflected in our professional development programs including Stronger TogetHER, The Empower Leadership program, Women of the Channel Leadership Summits, as well as participation at the Society for Women Engineers’ WE23. We also recently were voted by our employees, 2023 Compabarbly Best Place for Women to Work.

Veterans as a Vital Component of Our Hiring Practice

Honoring those who have served our nation in the military is a paramount duty. We are dedicated to providing support and opportunities for veterans as they transition to civilian life.

We hire former military personnel through a Veteran SkillBridge organization, Headlamp. Together we offer employment opportunities for veterans aiding their successful reintegration into society.

Thanks to our collaboration with Headlamp, we are thrilled to enhance our organization by harnessing the expertise and unique experiences of veterans, while also onboarding skilled and accomplished leaders.