Dear friends,

Appropriately named the “Carousel Corona Cookbook”, the inspiration for this cookbook began in my own kitchen, cooking alongside my family during quarantine. Cooking has always been a fun, creative outlet for me, my wife, and my children and something that brings us together. As such, exploring new recipes, and enjoying the fruits of our labor has continually been a staple in our home, but somehow it came to mean even more over the course of recent events with such a changing and uncertain backdrop.

Once I began sharing some favorite recipes with team members, hoping they could enjoy with their own families, recipes were quickly shared generously in return and thus the Carousel Corona Cookbook was born!

We hope this small treasure finds you, your family, and your colleagues well and healthy. We hope you are able to find time to explore the cookbook, come together to make some special dishes, pause, and enjoy!

We are currently working on a “second edition” cookbook with new recipes flooding in daily. We look forward to sharing that curation in the weeks ahead.

From the Carousel Family ~ to yours! Enjoy and stay well.

Jim Marsh, CRO


“One of the greatest pleasures of my life is that I have never stopped learning about good cooking and good food”

-Edna Lewis