Planning the AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium, one of the largest Carousel events, is nothing short of exhilarating. The day is jam-packed with inspiring and motivating keynote speakers talking about everything from personal perseverance to challenging the status quo. Our intimate roundtable and breakout sessions will dig into topics like developing your strengths, how to manage a career inflection point and how your personal brand is helping—or hindering—your career (and how to improve it!).

I hope you’ll join us on May 18 at the Rhode Island Convention Center for what promises to be a moving event. If you still haven’t registered, do so today as only a few spots remain!

As events manager, I often get asked questions about the AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium. This post will highlight some of the top inquiries I get about the day’s program.

1. Why is it important for Carousel, an IT services company, to host a non-tech event?

We may be a leading IT services firm, but our annual show isn’t your typical IT conference that centers heavily on bits and bytes, and products and specs. Instead, it focuses on the intersection of technology, leadership and business. The reason? Technology can only succeed in the business world when all three perform optimally.

AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium is all about creating “wow experiences” and bringing remarkable people together for a day for personal and professional development. We have intentionally designed the symposium to bring people together and connect around a singular focus or theme—this year’s is resiliency. Those who attend will grow in their experiences as leaders, no matter their level.

2. You often talk about changing mindsets. How will AlwaysOn Leadership do that?

Everything we do from start to finish with this event is about changing and advancing the way people think about things that exist today. For example, at the very first AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium that we hosted seven years ago, our premise was that the world of technology is changing at every level to the point that we are “always on”—whether it’s during vacation, attending a child’s school function, or even at our own wedding, a good majority of us are digitally connected and oftentimes working. At the event, we talked about this shift and left people with a newfound perspective on how to look at technology and its impact on business.

Since our very first event, we’ve remained committed to making this a thought leadership event. Our goal is to bring together the best people we can—from speakers to participants—so that attendees can be surrounded and influenced by industry luminaries doing extraordinary things.

Looking to build personal development into your summer plans? Consider the Leadership Challenge, a two-day leadership training series for everyone who wants to become a leader to those who wish to attain more from their jobs.

3. What will I gain from attending the AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium?

Though the day starts with high level thought leadership, come the afternoon, we bring it down to a micro point-of-view—something that allows all attendees to experience that “aha” moment. There is a high level of inspiration and aspiration that we create with our symposiums, and people leave knowing they can affect change immediately.

This year, when we bring in two amazingly resilient keynote addresses, and a whole host of sessions focused on a better you, we hope that the key wake-up moment will be the recognition that resiliency is something you can practice to improve your own self within your organization.

I am so excited to share this significant day with nearly 500 of you! If you’re curious about what others have said about the event, here are a few highlights:

“Truly a changing experience. Learned new ways to lead and implement change. All speakers were nothing less than excellent and I will be going back to my notes for a long time. Thank you for the opportunity to change myself.” – Ana Novais, Executive Director, RIDOH

“A well-coordinated event where the speakers were informative and on-point. I loved how focused the event was with each speaker able to build on the prior one, even though they were from different companies. It made me feel as if they were speaking universal truths with every actionable advice.” – Maureen O’Gorman, Consultant, Registration Technologies

See you next month!