September eXcellerate – Can Technology Make Schools Safer?

What IT solutions should school leaders consider for securing the wellbeing of students and teachers? Learn the options available such as a silent call button to comply with Alyssa’s Law along with an alerting system for mass notification to enable officials to proactively respond to threats. To have an operational safety plan, schools cannot rely on […]


June eXcellerate – Ransomware Has Nowhere to Hide!

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is the hot buzzword. Yet not all solutions, and security providers, are created equal. This leads to chaos. When prevention tools fail, it’s critical to adopt a posture of continuous monitoring and response to prevent your security teams from uttering the five most forbidden words: We. are. under. ransomware. attack! […]


Leveraging a Zero Trust Architecture to Contain Threats and Mitigate Risks

Ransomware continues to be a headline threat and shows no sign of easing up.  On top of that the continued proliferation of IoT and BYOD devices into our environments introduces risks that continue to push the threat envelope in ways that our legacy infrastructure designs were not meant to handle. Despite the pandemic forcing many […]


Pizzacast – Preparing for the Unexpected: Zero Days and Modern Vulnerabilities

If the recent wave of cyber-attacks has taught us anything, it’s that you may be at risk without ever even knowing it. To make the situation worse, you can’t plan for what you don’t know, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. To address this concern, Carousel and Arctic Wolf will be hosting a […]


Always On Virtual Series: When Prevention Fails – Leveraging a Zero Trust Architecture to Contain Threats & Mitigate Risk

We need not look far to find a current news story detailing how ransomware brought financial ruin to an organization, how the rapid proliferation of IoT devices increase the likelihood of compromise, or about how a data breach involving millions of customer records by an actor who had hid in an environment for months. In […]