Last month, we recognized Customer Service Week to celebrate all who work tirelessly in customer service departments, gracefully and enthusiastically managing customer experiences.

There are many things leaders can do to enhance the work environment for agents, while also improving the contact center and customer experience. As we look ahead to 2018, I put together three things contact center and IT leaders should be doing.

  1. Improve Scalability to Meet Fluctuating Demands

As a retailer it could be the holiday season, as a university or college it could be admissions peak, or as a financial institution it could be after a major creditor announces a breach. While the reasons vary, the needs don’t—contact centers need to scale to accommodate an increase in volume.

Consider an enterprise solution that offers flexible consumption models with some sort of licensing (like Cisco’s UCCE Burst Licensing), that allows you to manage short-term, high-traffic demands in a cost-effective manner.

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  1. Offer More Ways to Communicate with Customers

Thanks to innovative companies like Amazon and Uber changing the way people communicate with customer service and employees, today’s modern customer demands a variety of tools in which to engage—like text, online chat, email, and social media.

Leaders should consider adding omnichannel communication tools to better serve customers in the way they prefer to communicate. Individualized services provide a better engagement experience, all while enabling agents to support a variety of interactions simultaneously.

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  1. Partner with an Experienced Company

Whether you’re looking for a consultant to help you choose the technology solution best for your needs, want a team to help you install and deploy the technology, or need an expert to help with user adoption (or all three!), ensure the company you choose has:

  1. Multi-vendor integration experience to enjoy seamless interoperability among platforms
  2. Full IT stack and lifecycle capabilities, so you have one contact to assist with all technology needs
  3. A variety of manufacturers in which to choose, including leading and emergent players

As customer needs change, IT leaders need to be able to adapt and respond to stay ahead of competition. How are you modernizing the contact center experience?

As an expert in contact center excellence and a recent recipient of Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Enterprise certification, NWN Carousel is uniquely positioned to help IT leaders deliver an unparalleled customer experience, while also satisfying internal technology needs like collaboration tools, security enhancements, and networking upgrades.

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