With the pace of disruption and change going on in today’s digital marketplace—from the continued growth of cloud to the increasingly strategic importance of IT and the risks posed by security breaches—companies must be resilient if they want to stay competitive. The way to maintain resilience as collaboration needs evolve is by relying on technology that is scalable, flexible and dynamic.

At Carousel, we take those requirements for resilience seriously. In fact, we have established a range of partnerships to that ensure our customers are able to deploy the most resilient networks possible by leveraging exactly the type of services and support they need today with the flexibility to accommodate tomorrow’s changing needs.

We emphasize flexibility when it comes to technology solutions. Avaya is one of our collaboration partners who has embraced that kind of flexible approach through the solutions and cost models it offers. The wide array of deployment options means that we can assist our clients in migrating over time as needs evolve.  Carousel offers premise-based collaboration solutions, cloud-based solutions and even hybrid variations of the two.  The variety of pricing structures means that Carousel customers who prefer operating expenses for their technology spend can opt for a subscription model but an organization wishing to maintain its capital expense structure can be accommodated too.

Flexibility and resilience can also be built into contact center solutions such as Avaya Oceana. New solutions like Oceana and Oceanalytics allow companies to deliver a personalized omnichannel customer experience like never before. An enterprise can capitalize on its business data to enhance and broaden the customer experience, offering a custom-tailored experience regardless of the channel(s) a customer uses to access the contact center. Businesses can take advantage of this resilient architecture, targeting exactly the tools they need to move forward as needs, customer expectations and technology change.

Carousel is a multi-vendor company, so in addition to supporting customers using Avaya’s many solutions, we have built a network of partnerships that reaches much further. If a solution can be enhanced by one of our other technology partners, our team has the experience and flexibility to make that happen.

The underlying infrastructure for these solutions is equally powerful and resilient. Most Avaya applications are now certified on VMware, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Bluemix, and some KVMs. Some Avaya applications are also supported on Hyper-V and Avaya continues to certify other deployment scenarios. Carousel has a practice in infrastructure and can assist your organization in deploying applications in these environments.

We are proud to partner with leading technology solutions and services partners. Learn more about our partner ecosystem.

Carousel has a full portfolio of monitoring and maintenance options to help minimize and prevent downtime on applications and networks.  An alert is sent to our managed services customers whenever an alarm is generated and remediation can begin almost immediately.  That is one more benefit businesses reap when they choose a company like Carousel, with multiple partnerships and a network of relationships to create a highly resilient technology environment.

With practices in contact center, data infrastructure, and security, Carousel’s sales and engineering teams can provide multi-vendor manufacturer-agnostic solutions to your enterprise.