The old saying that “ You can’t be everything to everybody ”—is a lie. Or at least it is when it comes to contact centers.

Long gone are the days when a customers only choice was to wait on hold until the inevitable heat death of the universe. Today, customers expect to communicate using the channel that’s most convenient for them. And they expect us to respond faster than it took to read this sentence! Companies have no other option but to step into their customers preferred communication channels. For contact center agents, the ability to have all streams of communication unified in a single platform would be a game-changer—something CCaaS vendors are now bringing to market.

Omni-Digital Customer Engagement Platforms
In the past, companies have needed to engage customers on multiple channels, but they’ve had to use different apps and tools to do so. Now, with the rise of omni-channel customer engagement, an arms race is on to unify as many channels as possible onto a single dashboard, and do it well. What does that look like?

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Contact center leaders should look for an engagement platform that empowers agents to efficiently manage customer interactions across all digital channels via a single interface. With a platform like this, businesses can resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently—all while providing a seamless experience. By leveraging an AI-based smart routing engine, agents have the ability to elevate their real-time messaging communications, leading to faster resolution of customer issues. But orchestrating omni-channel functionality goes both ways, as in your outbound calling should be as sophisticated as your inbound channels.

An organization should also consider solving this problem by providing organizations with a flexible
outbound and blended cloud platform. With advanced scripting, campaign and list management, as well as native compliance supporting tools, agents become more efficient.

The cold, hard truth is that 75% of customers feel that it takes too long to reach a live agent. Organizations that want to lower that statistic need to implement an omni-digital engagement platform that harnesses the power of AI, messaging apps, and unified communications to improve agent productivity and customer service.

The era of omni-channel engagement platforms is upon us. Is your organization ready for it?