Blog | 01.14.2022

NWN Carousel’s 2022 Sales Kickoff

Value-Based Offerings to Accelerate Hybrid Work

Last week’s Play2Win Sales Kickoff experience was incredible! Just coming off our live, in-person relaunch event in September, we wanted to create a high-energy and interactive hybrid event that would really engage our GTM organization for 2022.


The main event, started on Tuesday afternoon, January 11, with our executive staff gathered at company headquarters in Waltham, MA. It was one of the most frigid Boston mornings at a record-breaking low temp of 10 °F. Weather aside, the energy began to heat up once the day commenced! Leadership held live video-streaming presentations for remote attendees across the country and it was a seamless experience for in-person, and online participants using the technology we provide to our customers on a daily basis.

Continuous Enablement is in our DNA

The NWN Carousel 2021 training program was intense with sales logging in over 12,000 collective hours. Our ramp-up of investment in sales skills was due to the merger of two IT powerhouses forming new industry leading Cloud Communications Service Provider leader – NWN Carousel. Through strategic partnerships with our customers and manufacturers, we transformed millions of remote users in support of hybrid work.

With many months of planned training on our core offerings, our salesforce is fully equipped with the knowledge to support our customers’ unified communications needs. We now feel it’s time to apply the knowledge and flawlessly execute on behalf of our customers!

Agenda Built to Re-Energize

The 2022 “Play2Win” sales kickoff was an opportunity to (virtually) come together to hear directly from our customers, colleagues and offerings’ experts. NWN Carousel leadership reinforced the vision for the New Year: Engage Customers with Value-Based Offerings to Accelerate Hybrid Work

Leadership Keynote Speakers

Andrew Gilman, CMO & SKO Host: Andrew is a dynamic speaker who regularly appears on industry podcasts and webinars. Naturally, he was our first choice to host! “As we look to 2022, we are excited to continue to build upon our outstanding customer service model to further our distinction as the leading Cloud Communications Service provider in North America!” said Andrew.

Jim Sullivan, CEO: Jim established the focus for 2022 by announcing a new Hybrid Work Suite. HWS is a bundle of integrated collaboration services, and tools designed to enable organizations to easily transition their on-premises unified communications, connectivity and security capabilities to the cloud, or modernize their on-premises infrastructure to provide a modern, flexible and secure – “Cloud-like” experience.

Media Buzz for NWN Carousel’s

New Hybrid Work Suite

NWN Carousel made a play to better integrate all the requirements for building hybrid work environments with the introduction Monday of its new Hybrid Work Suite. CRN

Cloud communications provider NWN launched a Hybrid Work Suite that includes integrated cloud calling, networking, security services, and an experience management platform. No Jitter

NWN launches new Hybrid Work Suite to transform the customer and employee experience with integrated cloud-based communication services. Yahoo Finance

Dan Tassone, CRO: Dan celebrated NWN Carousel sales professionals who distinguished themselves as company leaders. These sales pros crushed their 2021 goals to deliver NWN Carousel’s six core offerings in support of our customers’ UC needs. Dan also set innovative goals for 2022 around driving our distinction as a leading provider of Cloud Communications Solution Provider.

Mark Moretti, EVP Sales Transformation: Mark laid the landscape for supporting the field in 2022 with continued focus on:

  • Hybrid Work Cloud Offerings
  • On-prem to Cloud Architecture
  • Bundled As-a-Service Offerings
  • IT Transformation & Employee Experience

Jack Lodge, EVP of Customer Success: Jack established 2022 goals to continue to achieve high above industry standards to deliver on NWN Carousel’s Customer Success Obsessed mantra. In the spirit of continuous customer improvement, he announced objectives for our service delivery organization to continue to work well internally, and externally to enable world class service.

Eric Bostick, CTO: Eric discussed a Real-World Customer Journey with one of our most valuable customers. Eric and the customer spoke about how NWN Carousel helped successfully transition more than 2,700 staff to a remote work environment to modernize their contact center when the pandemic hit, calling NWN Carousel employees “an extension of their team.”

Eric also detailed how our new Hybrid Work Suite is designed to provide flexible, “as-a-service” hybrid, public or private cloud consumption models designed for The Road Warrior, The Home Office and The Office Worker. These hybrid work models are created to result in more productive and inclusive work environments.

Premium Entertainment

This year, SKO entertainment was brought to us by “The most popular virtual magic show in the world,” according to The Today Show. Netflix’s Jason Willman held a personalized magic show just for NWN Carousel employees, friends and family. Check out the show teaser here.

Now that our teams are supercharged for 2022 – let’s Play2Win!

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