At Carousel, we often talk about the importance of collaboration with fellow team members, clients, prospects, and partners. In fact, we live and breathe it!

That is why we are excited to officially announce to the outside world something that has been evident to Carousel employees for the past several weeks as construction and installation of new technology has taken place–the opening of our two next-generation Executive Briefing Centers (EBCs) in our Exeter, RI and Windsor, CT offices.

The newly redesigned and refreshed EBCs have been serving as destinations for new and existing clients, technologists, business leaders, and partners. These centers provide new levels of interaction with our ever-expanding ranks of industry experts, top-tier engineering talent, and best-in-class technology solutions from our 35+ partner ecosystem.

A major part of the EBC redesign includes our technology proof-of-concept lab, which serves as a training and collaboration hub for business partners, as well as an expanded meeting and working space.

The EBCs are designed to promote discussion and demonstration, and they truly represent a cornerstone in our strategy to increase customer and partner dialogue, education, and engagement in peer-to-peer collaboration.  They also provide an innovative environment for partners to collaborate, run development testing, host trainings, and conduct executive-level strategy sessions.

Here’s what Chief Revenue Officer, Jim Marsh, had to say in our press release this morning about the EBC: “With the ever-increasing pace of technology evolution, the immersive EBC experience delivers tremendous value by providing a first-hand look at the tools and technologies that our customers will use as the foundation of their businesses now and in the future.  Further, and perhaps most importantly, the space serves as a forum for our clients, partners, and Carousel experts to engage in important dialogue to increase their own success.”

Those interested in visiting an EBC location may inquire about an EBC experience by filling out this EBC visit request form. We hope to see you soon!