People who know me understand that my passions revolve around my family and friends, our business, the success of our clients…and of course, college football. For me, the core areas of my day-to-day possess an intensity that can be defined only by the excitement of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Football Championship.

The season of change is upon us all, and as the SEC heats up, it too is officially game time for Carousel’s most pivotal winning play–the acquisition of IT services powerhouse, Atrion, Inc.

Bringing Atrion on board enables us to construct a team that solves our clients’ business problems like never before. Together we are mutually connected to something greater than what we were. Together we are a better visionary and innovator–helping our clients navigate the ongoing evolution of technologies and utilize these tools to their advantage.

As with any great play, a multitude of strategic benefits are gained through this acquisition.

  1. For our clients the new Carousel team is a singular, higher-value business partner poised to deliver a more robust portfolio of cloud-based solutions and services–spanning across collaboration, networking, data center, and security. With intensified expertise across new channels, we are a one-stop source for the tools our clients need to achieve the best possible business outcomes.
  2. Our remarkable ecosystem of technology partners continues to be a differentiator for Carousel. We remain committed to fueling growth with our strategic alliances–and to forming deeper and wider relationships between our clients and partners. This strategy will ensure our clients have access to the equipment they need to win.
  3. Most importantly, the dedication and excellence of our players continue to be our greatest strength. For our team the opportunities to grow personally and professionally abound.

We are moving at a fast pace. Since we announced our intent to acquire Atrion in June, we have been game-planning and executing behind the scenes. This teamwork has produced some swift and impressive returns–from cross-training between engineers and architects, to joint in-field execution with clients.

During this time, we’ve signed new agreements with a major federal agency, a leading digital content firm, and one of the nation’s largest retail companies. The most important lesson from these new clients is that they further validate our intent for the acquisition, which is to position our team as the best technology consulting firm to drive our clients’ success.

Long after the SEC Football Champion is determined in December, Carousel will continue to help our clients WIN.

The team has been drafted. The plays are clear and strong. It’s game time!