Customer Success | 02.26.2020

Getting to the meaning—and value—of Customer Success Obsessed

Carousel’s obsession with customer success is a philosophy that drives everything we do, from our internal strategies around services and partnerships to the interactions we have across our entire customer base. To better understand our mission, we want to provide you with a peek into what we mean when we say we’re Customer Success Obsessed, and how that mission translates into value for our customers.

Helping customers achieve meaningful success begins by identifying their goals. We need to understand what success looks like for them, and that picture is unique to each organization. Carousel’s team works with clients to define what’s essential to their business, which direction their strategic plan will take them, what challenges are standing in their way now, and the trends that will shape their industry down the road. That insight enables us to guide customers in determining the best technology solutions to support them in achieving their desired outcomes. Our approach removes barriers, stimulating our customer’s high-level company objectives with specific and measurable goals that map to their technology.

To serve our customers most effectively, Carousel has put significant attention into enhancing our agility in developing and offering new products and services. Because today’s technology environment is moving so fast, speed is necessary to ensure we can provide solutions when they’re most useful. Timeliness is a core element in moving businesses through their digital transformations, and the right use of technologies throughout their lifecycle helps them stay ahead of the competition. Carousel’s entire engagement cycle is structured to define goals with our customers and solve their high-priority challenges at each stage.

Choosing technology based on hype or the highest stock price is well suited to be unrewarding. Carousel’s focus is on adapting technology to cater to each customer’s situation and maximize their technology solution’s return on investment. An organization’s primary drivers may be around cost savings, increasing revenue, delivering better customer experiences, reflowing internal processes, or complying with upcoming regulatory mandates. Carousel’s commitment to customer success drives us to identify solutions that will position each business to get the very best from their technology in alignment with their goals.

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As part of the support we provide customers, Carousel’s guidance goes beyond exploring the use cases for new technologies. Software and systems are just one component in moving an organization toward success. Our team also delves into solving the process and organizational issues that may hinder the IT stack’s effectiveness and efficiency. Through our role as a trusted advisor, we evaluate where challenges exist for our customers and how the implementation and adoption of technology can work alongside other strategies to solve the complex problems they face in their industry.

Getting started on the road to success can seem overwhelming, so we’ve developed a methodology designed to make cadence smooth and straightforward. Beginning with our Jumpstart meeting, we provide a carefully constructed launchpad to facilitate the right level of information sharing. Our team partners with each customer to align their organization’s goals against their technology strategy, and together we formulate a clear idea of what success looks like for the business, with a plan that will get them there.

Even as we build a shared vision of success, we firmly believe that more value is always better. Part of Carousel’s unique service offering is the expertise and analysis to help our customers derive the fullest value possible from their technology investments. We are passionate about identifying opportunities to improve user adoption above expectations and finding ways to leverage new functionality to drive usage of the product beyond its planned importance.

Part of our path to success includes helping our customers to elevate IT’s value within their organization. With our support, customers can expect to position their internal experts better to drive discussions with stakeholders in business units outside of IT, and to the extent that their solutions can advance their company’s strategic initiatives forward. We also guide how the business can obtain value from their technology in less time, resulting in improved ROI. By measuring success on our customer’s terms, Carousel can deliver tangible value for each organization based on the specific outcomes they desire.

We’ll cover some of the individual elements that form the core of our mission in future posts. We hope this in-depth view not only explains where our philosophy sets Carousel apart but also how it helps our customers achieve success and differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.