Events | 07.25.2017

Gearing Up for Carousel’s Third Annual AlwaysOn Technology Symposium

At the end of last year, Gartner lay claim to the top 10 strategic technology trends we would see soar in terms of exploration, innovation and growth this year—from intelligent things and apps to adaptive security architecture. Three themes—intelligent, digital, and mesh—emerged as common threads and the areas reinforced one key concept: that today’s IT leaders shoulder the responsibility to be at the forefront in controlling, driving, and enabling innovation in the business.

The IT organization is in a prime spot to be an agent of change within the organization—the one bringing ideas for transformation and evolution to business unit leaders. Whether it’s helping the business migrate critical applications to the cloud or build a sound security posture to survive a breach, IT leaders are expected to deliver extraordinary ideas for tools, solutions, and methodologies to the business that run on scalable, agile, and secure technology and operational platforms.

To help IT leaders—from the CIO and the CTO to the IT practitioner—remain relevant and influential within their organizations, Carousel is gearing up for its third annual AlwaysOn Technology Symposium. Taking place Thursday, October 19 at the Rhode Island Convention Center, the technology leadership event centers upon equipping attendees with the visions, insights, perspectives and strategies to continue to increase their strategic business value to their organizations. We explore the latest innovations happening in the technology landscape and, more importantly, share prescriptive frameworks for executing change in your organization immediately.

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During last year’s event, we explored several exciting topics from containerization and SD-WAN to digital transformation and security. There were powerful keynotes from Verizon and Cisco leaders, breakouts from Carousel technology experts, panels featuring client case studies and an interactive segment we affectionately call Fast Five. But, most importantly, attendees left with a greater understanding of the existing and imminent technology trends they could take back to their business immediately.

This year’s AlwaysOn Technology Symposium will showcase how IT can be transformed to support the business operating more efficiently and with more agility and resiliency. There are a myriad of factors impacting our ability to transform including challenges related to:

  • Technology Consumerization: The modern IT world is exceedingly different today than it was 20 years ago, even five years ago. Powerful IT solutions are being put directly into the hands of our end users leading to greater demands of the technology they use.
  • Enterprise Digitization: We are knee-deep in the age of digitization of the enterprise, meaning IT cannot run the way it had in years past. Today’s organizations are tasked with harnessing technology and talent to achieve growth and transformation while advancing their digital ambitions.
  • Cost of IT: We are facing a world-wide talent shortage that is causing a dramatic increase in salaries, an extended talent search process, and more challenge in retaining talent. What’s more, once we find top talent, they are often stuck performing the “chore” tasks of IT.

This year, we’re assembling top-notch speakers and practice experts who will offer actionable tips on sidestepping these challenges. We will also unite like-minded attendees who can spend the day offering advice and connecting on similar challenges.

Each year, I am encouraged and inspired by the IT leaders who take time out of their hectic schedules to invest in themselves; there is nothing more important in our quest to drive innovation. To our Carousel clients and friends, I look forward to sharing this meaningful day with you.

Early bird registration for our third annual AlwaysOn Technology Symposium opens August 1 (you will be receiving email alerts as registration opens, so stay tuned!). For any folks not already in our community who may be interested in this event, I encourage you to reach out to me directly to see if you would be a fit.

I hope you’ll join us and continue to be a spark of positive change in your organization!

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