What comes to mind when you think of the ideal customer experience?

I guarantee it differs from person-to-person, which is why a personalized customer experience is more important now than ever. In today’s ever-changing digital environment, the most successful companies have perfected the customer experience and understand that customer knowledge is the most important asset. They are getting to know their customers better by constantly interacting while building a trusting relationship with them. Customers now expect a seamless, digital, easy, and personalized approach to customer service. Revolutionized cloud availability helps create truly personalized connections using analytics, automation and artificial intelligence.

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Barak Eilam, CEO, NICE, describes this time as the Customer Experience Revolution which has changed the way companies interact with their customers. This revolution continues to create a noticeable gap between those who are succeeding and those who are getting crushed by the customer experience revolution. The most successful companies will be determined by those who can master four key essentials.

Take a Hyper-Personal Approach

We each have our own idea of what we deem as the perfect customer experience and this could change depending on the time and situation. Companies need to become hyper-personal in their approach to customer experience to go beyond traditional profiling. By tapping into the personas of each customer, companies discover the customers’ experience desires which allows the company to get in front of the customer and anticipate their needs.

Streamline the Experience

To provide a closed connection and with customers, companies must offer a complete and seamless experience. The experience should be fully integrated and personalized through all channels including email, text, and voice etc., and throughout the entire interaction. Consumers no longer rely on one form of communication in customer service.

Create a Virtual Workforce

Accomplishing a hyper-personal approach and experience completeness requires 10x the resources companies currently have access to. In today’s quickly changing environment there is pressure to cut costs and increase the bottom line. However, customers do not care about cost reduction plans, they demand the highest level of customer service interaction. This is where the virtual digital workforce can help and artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics come in to play. By using customer knowledge, companies can apply artificial intelligence to provide fast and personalized service to consumers. Companies need to blur the lines between human and artificial intelligence while still creating a fast, effective experience.

Out-Innovate the Competition

Never stop innovating. To conquer this divide companies must get rid of everything that is holding them back and slowing them down. If a company stops innovating, they will quickly fall behind the curve. The customer experience continues to grow and evolve.

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