Blog | 02.28.2022

eXcellerate Devices Webinar Recap – Feb 2022

Modern Device Management for a Hybrid World

Employees in nearly every industry, can now set up shop at their desk, café, customer site or even on the road. If you can imagine it, our device management experts can securely, and efficiently, establish the framework required for an effective hybrid work model.

February’s webinar on “Secrets to Building Modern Device Management for the Hybrid World” highlighted the importance of upgrading your fleet of digital devices to accommodate changing work habits. Traditional PC deployment and help desk support are provided by local IT staff using disparate on-prem applications and legacy manual processes. In this conversation, the panel focused on transforming the customer experience by designing and implementing a modern device management environment utilizing automated processes with cloud-based tools.

What the Analysts are Saying (03:41)

  • Securely supporting the hybrid worker is the #1 challenge (03:54)
  • Less reactive and more strategic planning for IT device needs (06:32)
  • Delivering a great customer experience with visibility & productivity (06:33)

NWN Carousel solves your deployment challenges by remotely configuring and delivering PCs directly to your end-users. We also help maintain employee up-time and productivity, sparing your IT staff from spending after-hours, weekends and holidays on-call, by providing end-users with 24x7x365 remote support.

This ensures organizations can reap the benefits of real-time visibility into device health and performance with cloud-based monitoring and analytics, even when your employees don’t work in the office.

The Laptop is the New Desktop (12:26)

Mobile devices, tablets, laptops and phones are the employee’s new interface (12:02)

“The big worry on IT’s mind is how do they ensure the worker on their mobile device can securely access to corporate email, corporate applications, etc.” said David DeGenova.

Needs Assessments for the Hybrid World (40:36)

  • Refreshing hardware (41:01)
  • Better scalable imaging processes in place (41:06)
  • Patch & hardware visibility for remote workers (41:16)
  • Analytics on health & performance on fleet of devices (41:19)
  • IT team bandwidth to be successful in supporting staff (41:38)
  • Real use case scenarios about 24/7 support with backed SLAs (43:23)

“No matter what your vertical, you need to remain competitive and be prepared for growth. Whether that growth is organic or through M&A. Growth is a constant and IT has a big responsibility to ensure their user community can be productive with secure connectivity wherever they choose to work from,” said David DeGenova.

Expert Panel

Andrew Gilman, Moderator & CMO

Greg Konig, VP Devices

Mike Patton, Technical SME

David DeGenova, Technical Architect


Taking Device Management to the Next Level (45:30)

Beyond device deployment and management, “There are more ways to improve the overall end-user experience and top among them is to monitor analytics on the device and user experience,” said Greg Konig.

  • Innovative tools like HP TechPulse (46:07)
  • Best of breed service providers offer an integrated management layer (46:42)
  • NWN Carousel’s Experience Management Platform for analytics & reporting (46:33)
  • Self-serve & co-management with EMP (47:02)

Device Management at any Phase of the Life Cycle (50:13)

“We can start anywhere in the device lifecycle. A client may come to us and just need help with  the support side or looking for ways to get better 24/7 coverage. There’s a lot of potential aspects from buying a device to disposing of it. We can start at any one of these points to assist,” said David DeGenova.

NWN Carousel’s Device offering enables customers with a comprehensive lifecycle management solution for endpoints. We partner with organizations to provide device deployment, management, and support services to enhance the customer experience and enable the customer’s IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

We have deep experience in migrating an organization’s device fleet into a best-practices-led lifecycle management model, with a focus on robust endpoint security and end-user support services.

February’s eXcellerate webinar was sponsored by:

HP - Hewlett Packard