Do you have an assortment of security tools protecting your data, networks, endpoints, and other assets? Most companies do. No single platform is best-of-breed at everything and a well-rounded approach to security usually involves several different technologies working together. While effective on paper, the problem with this strategy is that IT teams find themselves hopping from one system to another as they try to wring out alerts, apply policies, review metrics, and deploy patches through multiple solutions.

Cisco, which boasts its own range of security offerings, recognized the inefficiency and potential for error that often results when companies try to make disparate platforms work in unison. That’s why they’re rolling out SecureX, a built-in technology that removes silos and consolidates insight across multiple security solutions. Designed to integrate with not only Cisco products but with third-party security solutions as well, SecureX streamlines the often complex tasks that come from managing a variety of standalone tools, giving enterprises a way to improve their security posture without adding staff or extra technologies.

There are several reasons we’re excited to see SecureX come to the market, not least of which is the price point: it’s free. Businesses that are already leveraging a Cisco security product can take advantage of the SecureX platform without paying anything extra. A complex environment often gets in the way of security but few organizations have the budget to effectively keep multiple platforms in sync. SecureX fills the gap at no cost.

Simplifying the number of vendors, minimizing the potential for human error, improving correlation across different platforms, and enabling greater agility as new projects come down the pipeline – SecureX delivers benefits for groups from SecOps to CISOs, whether you run a lean IT team or simply want to improve your security posture. Cisco’s new offering addresses a range of challenges and common pain points, all for the budget-friendly price of zero and the added perk of a quick, drama-free deployment.

Another key feature of SecureX is its seamless integration with third-party products. While Cisco has a phenomenal architecture from a security product perspective, other offerings on the market are valuable complements as part of a robust and highly capable security strategy. The ability to leverage APIs and automation via adapters being built with third parties is extremely compelling for customers.

The integration capabilities go even deeper than blending third-party solutions into the mix. Over the years, Cisco has brought a number of leading companies under their umbrella. These teams’ products have different heritages and utilize different designs and strategies. Pulling those diverse tools into a single pane of glass helps IT save time and limit the stress of managing an ever-evolving infrastructure. Solutions from Cisco Threat Response (CTR) to Stealthwatch are all available in the SecureX dashboard.

Because the capabilities of SecureX already exist within Cisco’s Security Business Group (SBG) products, you don’t need to spend weeks or even days getting the features off the ground. Access your SecureX dashboard through Cisco’s security web portal by simply logging in with (or creating) your CCO account. From there you can quickly provide API keys and add on-premise devices to SecureX. You’ll have powerful security functionality at your fingertips in a matter of moments.

Finally, SecureX empowers organizations to get more out of their existing technology investments. It’s not uncommon for businesses to have multiple security products in flight but to leverage only a subset of the functionality they paid for originally. When it comes to customer success and end user adoption in advanced security capabilities, SecureX – through its built-in automation and workflows – simplifies deployment of those features you haven’t had the time or expertise to launch. By making the technology easier to consume and by enabling the deployment of a more complex solution, we expect enterprises will gain more value from their previous IT spend without putting additional dollars toward security.

The rollout of SecureX is on the immediate horizon and we’re working with our partners at Cisco to ensure IT groups can begin leveraging its capabilities as soon as it’s available. We look forward to helping customers get more value out of their existing security technology deployments with the added support of the SecureX platform.