The Art of Managing Hybrid Teams for Busy Managers

It’s no surprise that the majority of employees now divide their work time between remote locations and the traditional office setting. What is a bit alarming is that Gartner forecasts as much as 39% of global knowledge workers will be hybrid by the end of 2023. While this model offers flexibility and increased productivity, it also presents unique challenges for managers and team members. Hassan Osman, SVP of Professional Services, NWN Carousel provides practical tips on how to implement real-world communication tools, and techniques, to maintain a happy distributed workforce.



“The Fire Within:” Women of the Channel Leadership Event

NWN Carousel sponsored a group of female leaders to attend the Women of the Channel Leadership symposium in Palm Springs, California. The event, organized by a panel of women professionals, centered around the importance of supportive leadership and cultivating healthy work environments. Read on for key takeaways on inspiring speakers and topics covered during breakout sessions.



NWN Carousel Marks Memorial Day with New Partnership with Massachusetts Fallen Heroes

The sea of American flags now planted in the grass in Boston’s Seaport Common symbolize the sacrifice of all those servicemen and women from Massachusetts who gave their lives for their country over the two decades since the attacks on America on September 11th 2001. The flags were set in neat rows by volunteers from […]



NWN Carousel Announces Promotion of Andrea Morrison to Chief People Officer

With over 20 years of world-class employee success expertise and military leadership, the advancement aims to further grow NWN Carousel’s culture of excellence Less than one year into Andrea Morrison’s role as SVP of Human Resources, she’s proven to make impactful business decisions by driving innovation and creating a new culture around core values to […]



Jim Sullivan and NWN Carousel Shine at Boston Magazine’s Most Influential Bostonians Event

NWN Carousel CEO Jim Sullivan was honored among 150 of Boston’s top leaders and influencers who gathered at the Back Bay’s private social club, the ‘Quin House on Tuesday May 2, 2023 to celebrate the coveted Boston Magazine list of the Most Influential Bostonians featured in the May issue. The red carpet event was hosted […]



Collaboration, Security, and Flexibility? Yes, yes and yes.

Investing in cloud technology can be a game-changer for businesses looking to improve their operations while saving costs. The benefits of cloud technology, in an as-a-service consumption model, range from increased productivity, better collaboration, and streamlined processes. The question now is, “How do you reduce costs while still delivering an incredible employee and customer experience?” Read on for a perspective on cloud trends by NWN Carousel’s CRO, Dan Tassone.



Breaking Down Barriers: The Power of a Unified Hybrid Work Approach!

As we evolve from a pandemic to post-pandemic reality, the way we buy, implement, and drive technology decisions for CX and EX has fundamentally changed. There’s no “in-office” vs. “remote” technology. There are no silos. Even the office space itself is evolving to become more flexible and on-demand. As organizations move to the cloud, EX and CX are converging. The quality of every experience hinge on the performance of the organization’s technology stack. This week’s blog shares how organizations navigate this new convergence through Hybrid Experience (HX) management, a strategic driver for IT budget consolidation and cost savings while enabling a differentiated employee and customer experience. HX serves not only customers and employees, but also IT administrators.



Live Hybrid Work Demos at NWN Carousel’s Customer Experience Center

NWN Carousel’s West Coast Customer Experience Center is the perfect place to explore hybrid workflow demos from start to finish! By providing a hands-on display of integrated hardware and software solutions, the center gives customers a deeper understanding of how our core cloud offerings work together to improve workflows. If you’re looking to improve your organization’s productivity and collaboration, the CEC is definitely worth a personal visit. Read this week’s blog on the benefits of CEC and how to book a demo.



Replay: April eXcellerate, Optimizing the Hybrid User Experience

Missed our April excellerate on Optimizing the Hybrid User Experience? Replay highlights on how NWN Carousel’s Experience Management Platform is designed to work across hybrid cloud platforms collecting and analyzing data from a variety of IT cloud platforms. This enables organizations to leverage their existing technology investments and ensure that they can access the data they need to drive a seamless customer and employee digital experience.

Replay here!



NWN Carousel Celebrated for Best Sales Team – Top Comparably Award for 2023

NWN Carousel has recently been named Best Sales Team for 2023 by Comparably! As an organization dedicated to supporting our employees and customers through cloud communications and a hybrid work experience, we are honored to take the top spot on this list among past and present awardees including RingCentral, Zoom, Insight Global and more. Read the full ranking here.