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This week, meet Rhode Island-based Neelima Mathew, associate network engineer. We sat down with Neelima to learn more about her favorite technology and the best advice she’s ever received.

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What do you consider the best invention/technology of all time?

According to me, the best by far would be any cloud-based technology, as it plays an important role in today’s professional environment; sharing and protecting data has become the most essential requirements in the modern work space. Having access to data anywhere, anytime has also made it easier for employees to be more flexible and more effectively collaborate by sharing data/files with team members.

How do you keep a healthy work life balance?

“Work for 8 hours, play for 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours.”

This is advice I try to follow. Being in the networking field, my day isn’t always the typical 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. But by prioritizing tasks, it is always possible to have time for family/friends and even myself after work.

What are your top 3 life highlights?

1. Traveled overseas and graduated with a Master’s degree from one of the top ranked U.S. universities. 2. Bought my first car. 3. Elected as a school prefect.

What is most exciting about being a #CarouselCrew member?

There are so many exciting things about being a #CarouselCrew member. A top reason for me is the company culture; the environment and flexibility is something you don’t always find in the tech industry.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Take criticism constructively, not personally, and see it as an opportunity to improve yourself.”

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