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This week, meet RI-based John Drolet, Senior Director, Cloud Business Unit Overlay, Microsoft and RingCentral for nearly two and a half years. We sat down with him to learn about his favorite technology and the best gift he’s ever received.

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What do you consider the best technology?  

The Microsoft Office 365 Cloud program is the sweetest offer that more people should be excited about. The O365 solution is a platform of opportunity and the market is red hot. The process for clients to experience O365 is easy and we provide a managed services solution, making deployment and management seamless.

What is most exciting about being a #CarouselCrew member?

The number and diversity of the solutions we offer get me most excited. Many of us have worked for companies that offer one, two, or even three solutions. Very few companies offer the depth of a solution set that Carousel has.

John helped coach the RI State Championship Little League team, which came in third in the East Regionals in 2017. He is pictured here with his wife Kelly.

What are your top 3 life highlights?

1. Helping shape the lives of my four children. 2. Being recognized as a productive contributor within my community. 3. My experiences traveling with my wife in Europe.

Who inspires you and why?

I once met the Dalai Lama in an airport.  I said to him “you’re the Dalai Lama”, and he said “yes” and smiled. Then his people wheeled him off in his wheelchair. Later when I looked him up online, I learned he is really the 14th version of the Dalai Lama and I wondered if his name was like Ed or Bob or something and that when he smiled maybe it’s been because everyone always gets his name wrong. I always feel pretty inspired when I tell that story about my friend Mr. Lama.

What was the most memorable gift you’ve received and why?

When I “recently” turned 50, my wife arranged a trip to Whistling Straits golf course in Wisconsin with a group of friends. The golf, the company, and the whole trip was outstanding.

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?

I could explain the birth of the internet and how VoIP works, hopefully to a grade school audience who wouldn’t know the difference.

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