#CarouselCrew | 10.12.2017

#CarouselCrew: Meet Ed Wadbrook, VP, Cloud Solutions Enablement

Get to know us! At Carousel, we’re more than 1,300 #CarouselCrew members strong, spanning 27 locations across the country. Each month, we’re excited to share a glimpse of our talented team members.

This week, meet NC-based (RI-bred!) Ed Wadbrook, VP, Cloud Solutions Enablement. I chatted with Ed about his top life highlights and he shared some of the books he’s currently enjoying. If you bump into Ed, put him on the spot and have him recite some of Monty Python’s work.

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What do you consider the best technology?

Using mobile devices that give us instant access to communications, collaboration, messaging, Internet, payment services, applications, sports, news, weather and location-related services.

What is most exciting about being a #CarouselCrew member?

Work hard, play hard. At Carousel, I’m honored to know and work with some of the smartest, hard-working, innovative, compassionate individuals who are dedicated to delighting customers and share a work-home-community/life balance.

Ed, pictured with son Jarrett, daughter Brittany, and wife Joyce in Salem, Mass.

What are your top 3 life highlights?

  1. My marriage to my best friend Joyce for last 33 years
  2. The births of our children, Brittany and Jarrett
  3. Holding the Discus distance record at Rhode Island’s Pilgrim High School for 28 years

What are you currently reading/listening to (book, blog, audio, show, etc.)?

I’m currently reading “Testimony” by Robbie Robertson, “World Order” by Henry Kissinger, “Earth” by Jon Stewart, “A More Beautiful Question” by Warren Berger, and “Technology as a Service Playbook” by Thomas Lah & J.B. Wood.

What is the most memorable gift you’ve received and why?

The Partner of Choice recognition from AT&T Bell Labs. It was a gift, not an award, given to the person the Bell Labs Engineering community most want to collaborate/partner with on new projects. It was humbling.

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?

I could easily recite various works of Monty Python’s “Flying Circus”, “The Holy Grail”, “Life of Brian” and “Now for Something Completely Different”, as well as Frank Herbert’s “The Dune Chronicles”.

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